We’re looking forward to meeting you soon! In preparation for your first nutrition appointment, please fill out the following forms in the link below as thoroughly as possible and either scan/email or fax them back to us anytime before your initial appointment. That will allow us to prepare a bit before we meet so that we can get the most out of our time together during your appointment.

New Patient Forms

Medical Records

It is very helpful if you are able to provide us with copies of your most recent blood work, physical exam, diagnostic test results, and/or any pertinent medical records prior to your first appointment as well. These documents can usually be easily obtained upon request from your primary care physician’s or specialist’s office.

Food Journal

If possible, please keep a food/beverage journal for approximately 3 days prior to our first visit, as this is our best assessment tool and the basis from which we're working. Please feel free to use a notebook, electronic device, or smart phone app to document your food/beverage intake - whichever is most convenient for you. You will get access to our nutrition tracking and meal planning app, but any method of recording will work just fine. And if you are unable to keep a food journal prior to your first appointment, no problem. This is strongly recommended but not required.

Insurance Coverage For Nutrition Services

Insurance coverage for medical nutrition therapy varies per each individual’s health plan and can be contingent on a few factors. It is often based on medical necessity as well. For this reason, we require a referral from your physician and will perform a detailed verification of benefits prior to your first appointment in order to better determine your insurance plan’s coverage of nutrition services. Insurance will only cover the cost of Medical Nutrition Therapy if the client has a doctor's referral. Please get a referral from your doctor if you are paying with insurance.

A verification of coverage is not a confirmation of coverage. Coverage is ultimately confirmed once claims are successfully processed and paid by the insurance provider.

Insurance Providers We Work With

Nevada Medicaid

Your Financial Responsibility

Payment is due upon arrival to your appointment. We accept cash, check (made payable to: Nevada Nutrition Specialist), credit card, and money order.

If we will be billing your insurance for your visits, your insurance provider or heath plan will receive two claims in an attempt to collect payment. If your healthcare provider denies the claims or does not cover the entire amount of the services rendered for your nutrition appointment, you will receive a bill.